Portable Scanner Wand

A portable wand scanner can be the perfect addition to the home office or workplace. Far more practical than a bulky regular scanner, a wand scanner can easily be used for all those occasions when you need to scan a document, a page of a book or identification card.

Portable Scanner Wand

Think about the times when you have been in the library and instead of having to pay for photocopies of certain articles, you could use a portable wand scanner to scan the sections of the article you need.

There are a wide range of wand scanners now available and some are very reasonably priced. What once was considered a gadget or expensive gismo is now thought of as a must have computer accessory for many people.

A Variety of Styles and Sizes

As discussed, there are a wide variety of styles of sizes available but the most common style of portable wand scanner is one that is cordless and battery operated.

  • These types of scanners take approximately 5 seconds to scan a full A4-size page in black and white.
  • This type of wand scanner is designed more for copying images from books or magazines that have fragile or thick spines which may prove to be difficult to put a flatbed scanner.

Other types of portable scanners include ones that are like a regular pen. These are very small and lightweight and although they are not suitable for scanning images, photographs or pictures they are more suited to scanning individual lines of text from documents.

These types of portable scanners weight little more than 5oz so they are very easy to carry around and you would hardly notice it if you were to place the scanner inside your laptop bag.

What Types Of Memory Are Available?

Depending on which portable wand scanner you choose to buy will depend on how much memory will be available on the scanner. As with many computer devices, the more memory, the bigger cost.

Standard wand scanners usually come with a 4GB SD card but you can buy up to a 32GB SD card which is sold separately. Images are usually saved in the default setting of 300x300dpi so even with a 4GB card you will still be able to save hundreds of scanned documents. And images can also be saved in the higher resolution of 600x600dpi so it is up to you which one you choose.

What Else Can A Portable Scanner Do?

Many portable wand scanners are able to scan a black and white page of text in as little as 5 or 10 seconds, which make things really convenient for the user. For a full colour photograph on an A4 page, most wand scanners will be able to scan something like this in about 30 seconds. This gives you some idea of how these types of scanners have improved over the last couple years.

Also the quality of the scan is really good too and you will not be able to tell the difference between a document that has been scanned using a portable scanner and one that has been scanned on a traditional desktop scanner.

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