Ion Copycat Portable Scanner

The way in which you scan documents is about to change forever all thanks to the Ion Copycat portable scanner. No longer do you have to rely on a traditional flatbed scanner in order to scan documents. With this portable scanner you can now scan documents and images at anytime and anywhere.

Ion Copycat Portable Scanner

This great scanner makes document scanning easy and because it is so simple to use you will be wondering how you ever managed without it.

Improvements in the design and technology that is now available have made portable scanners much more competent at scanning documents. There was once a time when their functionality and performance was a little bit hit and miss and there was no comparison in the quality that was on offer compared with a flatbed scanner.

However, today, portable scanners are much improved and they offer just as good performance and quality as many of the flatbed scanners that are currently available, all with the added bonus of being able to take the Ion Copycat portable scanner anywhere you want.

A Closer Look at the Ion Copycat Scanner

Looking at the Ion Copycat portable scanner in more detail it is clear to see that this stylish piece of equipment would be perfectly suited to any office environment and certainly wouldn't look out of placed against other modern computer gadget.

  • Weighing approximately 8 Oz this superb handheld scanner could easily be placed inside a laptop bag and carried around.
  • The scanner comes complete with carry case, batteries, cleaning cloth, USB cable and CD software.
  • It also has a 2GB SD card which can be used for storing hundreds of scanned photograph or other documents.
  • 4 GB SD cards are sold separately which will store even more scanned documents. By having the option to store images on an SD card, you have the option of easily transferring them onto a PC or MAC or for easily sharing between friends or colleagues at a later date.
  • The Ion Copycat portable scanner can even be linked up to a mobile phone, Smartphone or TV in order to view scanned images.

Benefits of a Portable Scanner

There are many benefits to using the Ion Copycat portable scanner with the main one being that you can take this scanner anywhere and quickly and easily scan documents. You can also scan many things that you would not normally be able to scan using a traditional flat bed scanner.

For example, scanning pages out of a large hard back book can sometimes be difficult as the spine of the book can make it tricky to fit inside a flatbed scanner. This is simply not a problem with a handheld scanner.

Search Online For the Latest Product Information

By searching online you will be able to find all the latest product information on the Ion Copycat portable scanner. From reviews to details about special offers that are available by many online suppliers, performing and online search for this product can help you increase you product knowledge on portable document scanners.

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