Luminox Portable Scanner

Portable document scanners are increasing in popularity and many people now consider portable document scanners an essential piece of computer equipment that they would not be without. Devices such as the Luminox portable scanner have made scanning documents on the move very straightforward.

Luminox Portable Scanner

Mobile technology has improved greatly over the last five to ten years and what was once considered nothing more than a fad or gimmick, the portable scanner is now a very useful and important electronic innovation that can help to make scanning documents very easy indeed.

With the improvements in mobile scanning devices, no longer do you need to be in an office or connected to a large and bulky flatbed scanner in order to be able to scan documents. With a Luminox portable scanner you can now connect your scanner to your laptop via a USB connection and be ready to scan a document anywhere and at anytime.

The Luminox Scanner's Key Features

  • The Luminox portable scanner is incredibly lightweight and very portable.
  • Its small size means that you can easily put in your laptop bag or carry it as part of your luggage and you would hardly even know that it was there.
  • Its black and silver design is very stylish and this scanner will not look out of place in any modern office or home office environment.
  • The scanner is battery operated and comes complete with a 2GB micro SD card so you can store hundreds of scanned images on the device itself.
  • The use of the micro SD card makes storing and sharing scanned images or documents really easy.
  • The device measures in at 25.4cm x 3cm x 2.9cm and weighs approximately 7.5 oz.
  • Complete with the scanner comes a user manual, the 2GB micro SD card, with SD adapter, 2 AA batteries, a cleaning cloth, scanner software CD ROM, storage pouch and USB cable.

So you can be confident you have everything you need in order to be able to get scanning as soon as you receive the Luminox portable scanner.

The Scanner's Functionality and Uses

Such is the design of this handheld scanner the possibilities of things you can scan is endless and you can scan many more documents with a portable scanner than you could ever wish to with a traditional flatbed scanner.

If you are a student and need to scan a page from a library book or you need to scan some work for your class then this scanner is perfect. If you are a business person who attends a lot of trade shows or receive many customer and client business cards then this scanner can also be the ideal addition to you mobile office.

You might just want this scanner for use at home. You could be in the process of backing up, digitally, a sentimental photo album, in which case this scanner will be able to help you with the task in hand.

Look online today for the latest deals, offers, information and reviews on the Luminox portable scanner.

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