Vupoint Portable Scanner

It is probably fair to say that most people who have a computer in their house will also have a scanner. In recent years scanners have become an important addition to the home office and are considered just as important as printers by many people.

Vupoint Portable Scanner

The traditional flatbed scanner is the type of scanner that most people are likely to have in their homes and whilst these scanners are more than capable of scanning a range of documents and photos. They can also be quite large and take up a considerable amount of space, which can be a problem if you are working from an area that has limited room available.

The other thing with flatbed scanners is that they are not really suitable to be taken from one location to another, quickly and easily. What about if you need to scan a document during a business meeting, whilst you are travelling or if you are somewhere that does not have access to a flatbed scanner.

For instances the Vupoint portable scanner could be just the device you have been looking for.

Scanning On The Move

Advancements in technology have meant that mobile or portable scanners have really improved in the last couple of years and this is definitely the case with the Vupoint portable scanner.

In days gone by the scan quality offered by portable scanners was not very good and certainly not comparable to the quality offered with flatbed scanners.

However, today's portable scanners offer just as good quality as many flat beds. You only have to use the Vupoint portable scanner for a couple of seconds to see for yourself just how good the scan quality is of this device.

The main benefit with portable scanners is that they can be easily put in your laptop bag and taken with you. They are very lightweight which makes travelling with them no problem what so ever.

Features of The Vupoint Scanner

  • The Vupoint portable scanner is able to scan colour and monochrome images and documents and offers a standard resolution setting of 300 x 300 dpi.
  • A higher resolution of 600 x 600 dpi is also available if you want to make those extra special photographs or pictures look really sharp.
  • Storing canned images couldn't be simpler with device as it supports the use of its own Micro SD card.
  • Cards up to and including 32GB can be used, so you can store hundreds of thousands of scanned images.
  • This Vupoint scanner is able to scan documents very quickly indeed and can easily scan an A4 colour high resolution photograph or image in approximately 13 seconds.
  • A high resolution, black and white photograph can be scanned in 6 seconds.
  • With the standard resolution, colour and black and white documents can be scanned in an incredible 3 seconds and 2 seconds, respectively.

The device is also compatible with all of the major operating systems and is great value for money. Search online today for the latest information on Vupoint portable scanner.

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